“As local Williamson County residents Doug & Brenda Hale take pride in their clients and their community. Their services far exceed those of a corporate law firm, and Hale and Hale, PLC, has the legal support and knowledge base to handle a variety of cases.”

— R. Zane M.

Hale and Hale, PLC, makes real estate transactions and other legal issues as painless and professional as anyone in the business. The Hale and Hale, PLC, team delivers a wealth of knowledge and sincerity in every legal dealing. It is a pleasure to have such a resource in our community.”

— Rob A.

“All of the people at Hale and Hale, PLC, were a pleasure to work with when we closed on our home. Despite the efforts of the buyer’s closing attorneys to screw everything up, Brenda Hale made sure that everything was done correctly and legally.”

— Brad D.