Business & Real Estate Litigation

Middle Tennessee Business Litigation Attorneys

When you are looking for a law firm to protect your interests in business or real estate-related litigation — consider this idea: The lawyer who has been to court the most and who has had the most trials is not necessarily the best lawyer for you.

At Hale and Hale, PLC, we know and appreciate the state and federal trial courts of Tennessee as well as anyone. At the same time, we are not a firm that rushes into civil litigation without first considering and exhausting alternative methods of dispute resolution. Our goal is to retain as much control over the outcome as possible by fully exploring options such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration that can result in the resolution of disputes – usually at considerable financial saving to our clients. We appreciate the fact that at the end of the day a business dispute is most often about “money,” and we are sensitive to minimize your financial exposure and protecting your financial interest.

Business Disputes

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in various types of business litigation. Our practice includes disputes between partners, members and shareholders, business dissolutions, finance-related disputes, breach of contract claims and a virtually unlimited list of other issues.

Real Estate Disputes

Our attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving real estate contracts, construction defects, mechanic’s liens, landlord-tenant issues, partition actions (by sale or in-kind), title disputes, boundary disputes, zoning law concerns and more.

A Trusted Legal Resource for More Than 30 Years

If you are engaged in some type of business or real estate-related dispute or would like to appeal an adverse litigation ruling — call our law offices in the Williamson County city of Franklin at 615-794-1312 or contact us online and ask to speak with a lawyer. We accept major credit cards and are available for evening, weekend and out-of-the-office consultations by appointment.

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