Division of Complex Marital Assets

Middle Tennessee Property Division Lawyers

Divorces that involve business interests, real property or other unique and valuable assets can be very complicated and costly to resolve. One solution to the problems posed by the division of marital assets and debts is to have an attorney with experience and resources to draw from in this type of complex property division.

A family-owned, family-oriented law firm that has been serving clients in Middle Tennessee for more than three decades, Hale and Hale, PLC lawyers have the experience and resources needed to protect your interests and to achieve fair results out of the divorce process. This area of our family law practice, includes:

  • Business valuations
  • Valuations of retirement accounts and pension plans
  • Valuations of stock options, deferred compensation accounts and other employee benefits
  • Real estate investment and vacation property valuations
  • Valuations of unique assets such as artwork, jewelry or vehicles

Working With Others to Achieve a Fair Result

To achieve a fair property division result in these cases, you have to be able to answer complex questions. What was the original source of each asset? Has the asset appreciated or depreciated in value during the course of the marriage? What is the extent of the contributions each spouse has made to the success of any business involved? Are there liability issues to consider? Is bankruptcy a possibility?

As an established firm, our attorneys have had occasion to work with a number of CPAs, appraisers and other financial professionals in this area and routinely work with these individuals to answer tough questions like these and to achieve outcomes that our clients can be satisfied with.

A Trusted Legal Resource for More Than 30 Years

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